• chicken 65 recipe in hindi
    Chicken Recipes

    Chicken 65 Recipe In Hindi

    13SHARESShareTweet This is an amazing chicken 65 recipe in hindi . You will never forget the tempting flavor once you try it. INGREDIENTS: Boneless chicken:half kg Egg:1 Maida:2.5 table spoons red chili powder:1 table spoons ginger [...]
  • dum qeema recipe
    Cooking Recipes

    Dum Keema Recipe At Home

    0SHARESShareTweet Easy dum qeema recipe to make at home watch complete recipe below: Ingredients: Beef ,chicken or mutton mince(Qeema): one Kg Chaney: 4 table spoon powdered. yogurt: one cup Onion: one cup fried. All spice [...]
  • bengali food recipe
    Chicken Recipes

    Bengali Food Recipe Chicken

    56SHARESShareTweet This chicken bengali food recipe from Bengal is very simple but it tastes yummy and you can serve this dish on dinner or pack it in your kid’s lunch box as a healthy snack. [...]
  • Bagara Baingan Recipe
    Desi Food

    Bagara Baingan Recipe

    4SHARESShareTweet Here is Bagara Baingan Recipe to make at home, follow the below mentioned method to make it done. Ingredients Brinjal,egg plant(Baingan preferably green):1/4 kilo (1 Pao) Make slits for filling spices . coconut powder:6 tea [...]
  • Chicken Spaghetti Recipe
    Desi Food

    Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

    45SHARESShareTweet Chicken spaghetti recipe is a world’s famous meal which can be prepared in just 5-10 minutes and the taste is really tempting. Chinese cuisine is famous for its flavors and quick cooking style. Ingredients: [...]

Beauty Tips For Hair Care

Beauty Tips For Hair Care

Here are mentioned top beauty tips for hair care and how to make your hair glow and stop falling.

Always wash your hair with cold water. I repeat, cold water. Hot water causes the hair to fall and promotes dandruff. Washing it with cold water will prevent hair fall and dandruff.

wash your hair with cold water

Wash your hair separately. While you’re in the shower, wear a shower cap and wash your hair later separately in the sink.

Oil your hair; this is very important. Apply hot oil to the scalp and massage it to improve the blood flow. This will increase the root strength and make the hair thicker and healthier.

Oil your hair

Twice a day brushing is enough. Gently brush your hair 1-2 times a day. Wash it every 2 days. Use a good Shampoo.

brush you hair

Heat destroys the hair. Cut down the amount of heat you use on the hair. Before you apply any heat, make sure your hair has the protection of a heat protection to prevent it from the heat damage.

heat for hairs

Open hair is more prone to split ends and so is wet hair. Keep your hair tied, but never tie it when it’s wet.

tied hairs

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