African Mango Reviews And Weight Loss Methodology


There are many african mango reviews. No one wants to remain fat all the time because this is the era of fashion. Every one wants to be as smart as the TV models, so people try a lot of different medicines to lose weight. The weight loss problem is more […]

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe By Chef Gulzar


Learn how to make gajar ka halwa recipe at home. This recipe is shared by chef Gulzar (chef gular gajar ka halwa recipe). So lets see how to make this delicious gajar ka halwa at home. INGREDIETNS Carrot 1 KG (Grated) Green Cardamom Powder (Sabaz Elachi Powder) Oil/Desi Ghee (1 […]

Garlic Chicken With Soya Sauce And Fried Rice


Garlic Chicken With Soya Sauce And Fried Rice is easy to make at home, and it can be done by following the below mentioned recipe. Ingredients: Oil 3 tabs Garlic 1 tabs Boneless chicken 250g Green chili ½ cups Black pepper   1 teaspoon Salt                  1 teaspoon China salt         1 teaspoon […]

How Can I Lose Weight?


How can i lose weight is the most frequently asked question nowadays. However, belly is the most stubborn part of the body. It gains fat most rapidly and loses fat hardly. Many people consider that crunches and sit-ups are only way to lose belly fat. As these exercises use belly muscles. […]

Make Cold Coffee Recipe At Home


Follow below mentioned cold coffee recipe in a popper way. You can easily make this coffee recipe at home by following the ingredients written below: Ingredients: Coffee   1Tablespone Water    2 tbs Milk      1 cup Sugar     2 tbs Cream    1 cup Ice          4 cups Method: In a cocktail shaker, all above ingredients blend […]

These Natural Remedies Will Give You a Healthy Life


We can give you natural remedies and most piece of advice that it is better and suggestible for you to remain natural! It will for sure work for you. Here you will be able to know about the valid reasons and facts that will be throwing light on this aspect that […]

How To Make Chinese Egg Roll Recipe?


Here is a complete chinese egg roll recipe method to make at home, you can follow the below mentioned recipe for egg rolls to enjoy it at home. Ingredients: Egg                              3 Milk                            1 cup Black pepper               1 teaspoon Salt                              ½ teaspoon Spring onion                1 cup Onion                           1 cup Carrot                           1 […]

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