Growing a Jungle in my New York Apartment: MAKING MAD!

Growing A Jungle In My New York Apartment

If you think that you have an obsession with plants then just meet Summer  Rayne and all your obsessions are going to feel dull in front of her love for jungle life. According to Summer, whether it’s her friends or her family members, they equally get shocked at the look of her apartment as soon they enter it.

Growing a Jungle in my New York Apartment

If you, by any chance, enter the Brooklyn apartment of this environmentalist then you will freeze in your footsteps due to the abundance of plants present in her apartment. Also a writer and model by profession, Summer is the proud owner of 500 plants that are currently living in her apartment.

Growing a Jungle in my New York Apartment

Summer not only has this empty obsession about plants but she holds really deep knowledge about each type of plant present in her apartment. For instance, she has a “Toothache Plant” that will provide you with the effects of Sichuan Pepper and Novacane.

Growing a Jungle in my New York Apartment

Whether you enter her kitchen, sitting room, working room or bedroom; each corner of her apartment is covered in plants. Summer started her apartment jungle with a Fiddly Fig. As she grew up in a country so fulfilling her obsession was not an issue for her. Summer can’t just leave a plant shop without purchasing a different plant every time. She spends around 100 dollars monthly in order to nurture her obsession. Right now she has different types of plants present in her apartment including broadleaf thyme, lemon scented geranium, taro root, pineapples, bananas and Cuban Sage. Isn’t it refreshing?

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