5 Home Remedies For Dry Hair

home remedies for dry hairs

Apart from looking unhealthy and drab, having dry hair can lead a person to dandruff and hair loss also. Dry hair should be treated as soon as possible because nothing looks worst then dry hair. If you want to avoid your hair from getting dry, then you should take proper healthy diet and should moisturize them on a daily basis. Here are the 5 best home remedies for dry hair.

  • Olive oil

 The best and the most popular remedy for dry and rough hair is olive oil, because this oil is enriched with Vitamin E which can make your hair look lively and nourished. Heat the oil and apply it on your hair, after some time wash the oil and you should keep applying the oil on a daily basis.

olive oil results

  • Mayonnaise

 If you are not in the mood to go the parlor, then mayonnaise is the best thing to treat your hair at home. Mayonnaise contains a lot of good things like proteins which can make your hair look straight and shiny as well.


  • Eggs

Egg is totally inexpensive and they can treat your hair best, so rather than getting expensive hair treatments, get your hair nourished by just applying fresh eggs. Whip an egg thoroughly, add yoghurt (optional) if you don’t want to then don’t and then apply. Wash after some time and enjoy the best results.

eggs for dry hairs

  • Bananas

 Mash one banana and apply it on the hair, leave it on the hair for more than an hour and wash it. You can also add almond oil if you like.

bnana hair mask

  • Butter

 Massaging your hair with butter is an inexpensive and amazing option as well, do not massage too hard and keep doing it every some days for the best results. These are the most effective 5 best dry hair solutions.

butter for hairs

Following these tips and tricks for your dry hairs will also grow your hairs fast if applied correctly.

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